Portrayed by:

George Newton

Banjo was a man who spent time in prison with Combo during the early 80's.

During his time in prison, he and Combo began to run things after dealing with an abusive black inmate. Banjo introduced Combo to the National Front and racist views, which the two men brought back with them once they were released in 1983. The two went to Gadget's house and crashed his party to reunite Combo with Woody and his old friends. Combo related stories from his time in prison.

The next morning the gang came round to their flat and Combo made a speech about immigration. Combo, Banjo, Meggy, Gadget, Pukey, and new recruit Shaun Fields formed their own group, and went to a National Front meeting held by Lenny. On the way back Banjo sat in the back with the others until Pukey was sent away for expressing doubts about the meeting. The men later threatened two asian youths and robbed a corner shop belonging to Mr Sandhu. One night at Combo's flat Milky came round and Combo beat him up and glassed Banjo. Benjo left with Meggy after being thrown out by Combo.

By 1986 Banjo had ingratiated himself into the gang after Combo left town, and was good friends with Meggy. He was distraught when, at the wedding of Lol and Woody, Meggy collapsed of a heart attack in the toilets. He was taken to hospital and survived, much to Banjo's relief. Later Banjo attended a party at Carrotbum's house, and was involved in a fight with Flip and his gang. He then attended the second wedding of Woody and Lol, which Lol did not attend due to issues with her father.

In 1988 Banjo was still with the gang, and tried to calm the situation down when Woody and Milky had a fight.