Real name:

Andrew Gascoigne

Significant other(s):


Portrayed by:

Stephen Graham

Andrew "Combo" Gascoigne was a British Nationalist and convict during the 1980s. Originally from Liverpool, he was an old friend of Woody and Lol. When Lol's father Mick abused Lol, Combo confroned the man but was beaten up. At some point Woody and Combo got into trouble and Combo went to prison, taking the rap for Woody. While in jail Combo met Banjo, and the two of them ended up running their block after dealing with an abusive black prisoner who kept stealing Combo's pudding. During this time Combo began to hold racist views.

Upon release in 1983, Banjo and Combo returned to Woody and the gang at a party at Gadget's house. Here Combo met Shaun, a new member of the skinhead group. The next morning, Combo invited the gang round to his flat and he gave a speech about immigration and the Falklands War, at which point Shaun grew angry. Combo asked which of the gang would join him in the fight against immigration, and Gadget, Pukey, Shaun and Meggy remained. Combo took them to a National Front meeting, where Pukey expressed doubts, leading Combo to send him away. Combo then robbed a corner shop belonging to Mr Sandhu, and took Shaun to his girlfriend Smell's birthday. He then talked with his old flame Lol, expressing his love for her, but she rejected him. Combo then ran into Milky, and the two went for a smoke together. After a long night, Combo grew jealous of Milky's family life, and he beat him senseless. Combo and Shaun took him to the hospital, and realising he had let Shaun down Combo left town.

In 1986, Combo returned and arrived at Shaun's flat. He explained that his mother was ill and the two went to visit. His mother had died, so Combo left. He passed Lol's house, and after entering found Lol had killed her abusive father with a hammer. Without thinking Combo, put his fingerprints on the hammer, faked signs of a struggle and agreed to take the blame for the murder. He was sent to prison. Lol visited him in 1988, telling him that she didn't meant to reject him all those years ago and that she loved him. Combo spent christmas alone in his cell.

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