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Andrew Ellis

Gadget (real name Gary) was a young man growing up around Nottingham in the 1980's. A member of the skinhead gang led by Woody and Milky, he was quite insecure and was often picked on due to his weight. When Shaun Fields was accepted into the gang, initially Gadget was hostile to him as he felt he was being replaced by Shaun. The two made up, and then Combo divided the gang with his racist views. Gadget, annoyed at Woody's treatment of him, sided with Combo and attended National Front meetings with him.

However Combo soon left town and the gang was brought back together. Gadget became good friends with Harvey, attending the wedding of Woody and Lol together. At the wedding, the registrar was Trudy, an older lady who used to sell Gadget shoes. Having always found her attractive, he began a relationship with her where she made him dress as Clark Gable. Harvey managed to convince Gadget to end the relationship.

In 1988, Gadget was present as Milky returned to the gang, and a fight broke out between him and Woody.