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Michael Socha



Harvey was a young man growing up near Nottingham in the 1980's.

In 1983, Harvey was part of a mod group, who bullied Shaun Fields because of his trousers. After insulting Shaun's dead father, a fight broke out between them resulting in Harvey getting caned. By 1986, Harvey had become part of the skinhead group including Woody and Milky, and he was good friends with Gadget. The pair stole some flowers from a graveyard for Lol and Woody's wedding.

Later Shaun asked if he could stay at Harvey's house, but Harvey refused as his dad was being abusive. Harvey stayed at home so as to not leave his abusive father with his mother and sister, and as a result got beaten. Later, when the gang was confronted by Flip and Higgy, Harvey punched flip but got a tooth knocked out in return. The gang was attacked by the police.

By 1988 Harvey was going out with a girl called Titch. He was with her when Milky returned after a long absense, and jokingly told him not to go near Titch for fear of another black baby being conceived (in reference to Milky's daughter Lisa). Harvey was later present when Woody and Milky had a fight, pulling Woody away from the confrontation.