Real name:

Kelly Jenkins

Portrayed by:

Chanel Cresswell





Other family:

Lisa (niece)

Kelly Jenkins was a young woman growing up near Nottingham in the 1980's. She was the sister of Lol, but was mainly shielded from the things that her father did during her childhood before he left. She and Lol became part of the skinhead gang along with Trev, Pob, Smell, and the other boys.

When Shaun Fields joined the gang in 1983, she helped shave his head, and was present at the party when Combo returned. She stayed friends with the gang for the next few years, attending the wedding of Lol to Woody. Around that time her father moved back in with her mother, and Kelly was delighted despite Lol's reservations. When Lol hinted that their father used to "go into little girl's rooms" Kelly became suspicious, and Mick tried to ease her mind by saying Lol was a liar. Later Kelly went to the pub to watch the world cup game, oblivious to the fact her father was raping her friend Trev at the time.

A little while later her father was killed, and Combo was sent to prison for the crime. Kelly was distraught, and watched as her sister had a daughter but became more and more depressed. On Christmas Eve 1988, Kelly offered to spend the night with Lol, but her sister went home alone. The rest of the gang then ran into Woody, who attacked Milky in front of them. Kelly went back with Trev, but found that her sister had overdosed on paracetamol. She called an ambulance and the doctors were able to save Lol's life.