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Andrew Shim



Milky (real name Chris) was a young man growing up around Nottingham in the 1980's. As a child he was good friends with Woody, and they both courted a girl named Lol by buying her crisps. Woody and Lol ended up in a relationship, but there were no hard feelings between the boys and they came to think of themselves as brothers.

By 1983, Woody and Milky were the leaders of a gang of skinheads including Gadget, Kes and Pukey. They met Shaun, a young boy who was getting bullied at school, and accepted him into the gang. However around that time Combo, and old friend of Woody's, returned from prison with racist views. Combo tried to turn Milky and Woody against each other, but Milky remained true to his friend. Later Milky met Combo and agreed to get some cannabis for him, to the chagrin of Milky's girlfriend Pob. Milky and Combo smoked together, but the night turned sour when Combo started calling Milky "nigger" and violently beat him unconscious.

Milky recovered from the attack and Combo left. In 1986, Woody and Lol were getting married, but complications arose in their relationship. Lol turned to Milky for comfort, and the two began an affair behind Woody's back. Lol fell pregnant, and when the baby was discovered to be Milky's he agreed to leave town for the good of everyone. He returned now and then to see his daughter Lisa, but in the christmas of 1988 when he was visiting Lol attempted suicide. She survived, and despite a fight between Woody and Milky the two made up.