Significant other(s):

Cynthia Fields

Portrayed by:

Kriss Dosanjh

Mr Sandhu was a shopkeeper who owned various businesses near Nottingham throughout the 80's.

In 1983 Sandhu owned a newsagents, called Sandhu's News, near the school. Shaun Fields often came into the shop and read the comics and demanded sweets from him. He often warned him, once by pretending to phone the police or Shaun's mother. The final time Shaun entered the shop, he demanded alcohol and cigarettes, and when Sandhu refused Shaun called him a "paki bastard". Sandhu tried to throw Shaun out, but Combo entered and violently threatened him with a machete. The rest of Combo's gang then entered and raided the shop. Banjo took alcohol, Gadget stole sweets and Meggy attempted to defecate on the floor. Combo then assured Sandhu that they would be back anytime they liked, as the shop belonged to them.

By 1986, Sandhu owned a hairdressers where he employed Shaun's mum Cynthia. He also owned a video shop, and when he found out Shaun was looking for a job employed him in the shop. He also began a relationship with Cynthia, but when Shaun caught them in bed together he grew outraged and left home. However, Shaun returned to apologise and Sandhu continued his relationship with Cynthia. By 1988, he was living in their home and he spent Christmas with them, comforting Shaun after his break up with Smell.