Shaun Fields

Real name:

Shaun Fields

Significant other(s):


Portrayed by:

Thomas Turgoose


Cynthia Fields

Shaun Fields was a schoolboy during the early 80's, who joined a skinhead gang in 1983. Having lost his father in the Falklands War, he had a hard time fitting in at his school. Then he met Woody, who introduced them to his gang and he gained new friends. However Combo, an old friend of Woody's, returned from prison and divided the gang by introducing racist views to them. Shaun, wanting to make his father proud, sided with Combo and attended National Front meetings. However, his friendship with Combo ended when he went violently attacked Shaun's black friend Milky. Shaun distanced himself from all of his friends, ashamed of his actions and what had happened.

3 years later Shaun left school, and a chance encounter with the bully Flip led him back to his old friends and his old girlfriend Smell. He got a job working for Mr Sandhu and a video shop, however that ended when he caught Sandhu sleeping with his mother. Combo also returned at this point, however he was sent to prison for murder shortly afterwards.

Shaun carried on his relationship with Smell until Christmas of 1988, when he was cast in a school play and cheated on her with his co-star Faye. Ashamed at himself, he spent christmas alone with his family.