Portrayed by:

Danielle Watson

Trev was a young woman growing up near Nottingham in the 1980's. She was part of the skinhead gang, and good friends with Lol, Kelly, Pob, Smell and the others.

Trev was present when Shaun Fields was introduced to the group, as well as when Combo returned from prison. She remained friends with all the gang throughout the early 80's, attending the wedding of Lol and Woody. When the world cup game against Poland was on, Trev went to get Kelly to head down to the pub to watch it. Kelly had already left, and her father Mick was waiting at the house. Mick invited Trev in, telling her Kelly was on her way, and then he raped her. Trev left, distraught, and the next morning went round to Lol's flat to explain what had happened. Later, Mick was killed, allegedly by Combo, and Trev listened to the England vs Argentina game with Lol, Woody, Milky, and Kelly.

In 1988, Trev was still hanging around with Kelly and the others, and was present as Woody confronted and attacked Milky. She went home with Kelly and insisted on seeing Lisa, Lol's child, but as they went upstairs they found Lol had taken an overdose in a suicide attempt. They rang the ambulance and Trev went round to Woody's house to tell him. When they got there Trev realised that Lol had survived, and Woody went downstairs to see her.