Real name:

Richard Woodford

Significant other(s):


Portrayed by:

Joe Gilgun

First appeared:

This Is England

Last appeared:

This Is England 88: Episode 3

Richard "Woody" Woodford was a factory worker who lived near Nottingham, and a member of the skinhead gang during the early 80's. He was something of the leader of the gang, and his quick wit often made him popular among his peers.

In 1983, Woody's old friend Combo returned from prison and drove a wedge through the gang, culminating in him beating up Woody's best friend Milky. However after that Combo left and the gang were brought back together. In 1986 Woody proposed to his long time girlfriend Lol, however the marraige ceremony was interrupted by Meggy having a heart attack. Woody and Lol then moved in together but grew apart, leading to her having an affair with Milky. Woody then arranged a second marraige to happen, however Lol never made it as she was attacked by her father Mick.

Lol then fell pregnant and Woody was present when the baby was born - however, the father was Milky. Woody broke up with Lol and never saw his old friends - attempting suicide at one point. However he found a new girlfriend, Jennifer, and by 1988 was offered a promotion at work. But when Lol attempted suicide, he went to the hospital and reunited with her.


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